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David Allen

David Allen

Allen and Associates Real Estate

   2117 Boiling Springs Rd, Spartanburg SC 29613
   Phone: 864-814-5151
   Fax: 864-814-5131

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Personal Information
Introducing Neighborhood Expert and Host - David Allen
Allen and Associates Real Estate, Boiling Springs, SC

> Neighborhood Expert for Glen Lake Subdivision.
> Neighborhood Previews Interim Host for other featured neighborhoods in Spartanburg County, SC

David Allen is the owner of the Allen & Associates Real Estate located in Spartanburg County, SC. He has 15 years of experience in real estate, and has been Owner & BIC of the Boiling Springs real estate office for 11 years.

His qualifications include an ABR Designation & QSC Certificate. And as a past owner of a successful finance company, David has the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance to buyers on the issues of mortgages and financing.

David was born in Spartanburg County where he has lived here all of his life. Hence David has a broad working knowledge of the area and virtually all of its residential communities. He has assisted builders with the marketing and selling of homes in a number of the desirable area neighborhoods. During the past two years alone, David has sold over 250 area homes.

Spartanburg County, SC is part of the SC Upstate Region which is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. David and his staff have established a rapport with a number of local builders. Hence, he and his staff can be very beneficial if you are in the process of purchasing a NEW construction home. Likewise, they can use their knowledge of area communities and real estate to help buyers with neighborhood decisions and the purchase of an EXISTING home. They are truly experts on the area and are available to provide you with the personal and premier service to aid you with the important decision of selecting the best neighborhood and home to meet your life style needs.

David Allen is licensed by Neighborhood Previews, Inc. to act as the Neighborhood Expert for:

1.) Glen Lake, Boiling Springs, SC - A quality builder from the area is now providing new construction in Glen Lake, and David is now working with him to market and show this nice collection of new homes.

Because of David's excellent area real estate knowledge, he also acts as our Neighborhood Host for a few premier communities that we believe a home buyer should have the opportunity of viewing before deciding on purchasing a home. These neighborhoods will gradually be transferred to other "Neighborhood Experts" as the right individual is identified.